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Hotel & Resort
WEIR Hotels in Limited

The city, Kolkata is not just a tourist destination, it’s also seen as the gateway to the east.

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Shopping Mall

KWIL is coming up with Shopping Malls, Jewellery Stores etc. which use mystery shopping as a tool to ......

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Drinking Water
Amar Jibon

AMAR JIBAN packaged drinking water is manufactured by repute KWIL Drinking Water....

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It Sector
Software Development

Based in KOLKATA, KWIL IT Sector is a full-service web design company specializing in.....


honourable Management Body

Mr. Sahajahan Khan (Chairman & Managing Director)

I am delighted to share with you that Kolkata Weir Industries Ltd. Has achieved right dimension of new initiatives in 2009-2010 for realizing stronger growth than the market exceeding customer’s expectation with quality solutionswhile essentially acting with reference to the company’s mission,vision,values and code of business principle.We have set our sight higher and all geared up to evolve KWIL brick by brick which is vibrant stronger from within, powering execution with commitment & professionalism,creating empowered motivated team for accelerating growth,generating confidence of brighter future & better place to work and delivering result for the benefit of all stockholders while contributing towards a better world.

Our focus is on specific growth opportunities by

A) Reading the market boundaries.

B) Moving the decision making process closer to the market through empowerment.

C) Working closely with the associates to understand the need gaps in a better and intimate way.

D) Helping them to help us in winning the market share.

E) Developing trust & confidence of associates,stockiest,distributors,dealers,retailers.

We are being identified as a company of “Quality Products” with “Value for Money” and indeed a great feat. It would be our constant endeavour and unending urge to excel on this quality bestowed on us through improvement & economies of scale in our manufacturing,supply chain and technology development process es and service functions.

This year we are cascading our Mission,Vision ,Values and Code of Business Principle within the company as we believe that Values constitute the foundation for integrating key business requerments within a result oriented frame work and that create basis for action and feedback.Values are about what is important to us in certain context,something we feel for;believe in and something we want to live by.

We are ensuring that everybody in the organization should have a clear picture of what our value mean “What does it mean to me?” and “What should i do more and What should i stop doing” The objective is that everyone in KWIL through thought and action convert the values to behavioural actions in day to day working.

Wishing good luck!

Mr. Samsul Alam Khan

It gives me immense pleasure to chronical the achievements of KWIL through the last year,which,I believe ,will be remembered as and important turning point for future.It was a period we can be justly proud of many reasons,none more important than the fact that despite daunting economic challenges we move ahead decisively,holding up the ideals and the vision of the company.

As its one of the captains,i wish to salute the committed work force of KWIL for our outstanding achievements.

However,heartening as these facts are, nothing gives are more pleasure than our social outreach programmes which bring hope and cheer to many lives at different states of India.Not only are these states got direct & indirect employment to large number of people,some of them are also the biggest beneficiaries of our social endeavours aimed at empowering the weakest and enabling environmentally friendly business practices

In future too we are committed to sticking to our inimitable path of growth where social benefit and business profit work together.

Thanks and Regards

Mr. Ram Krishna Mondal

KWIL believes that what lies at the core of a corporate’s survival & success is not its path breaking technology or great products, but its brilliant and performing employees who develop the technologies and bring out the great products which open and develop the market opportunities for them; it is the creativity & excellence of its people that provide the competitive advantage to the organization.

Customer care is one of the central aspects of organizational culture.All employees understand that total customer satisfaction is the only success formula that can carry us far in a compet Itive industry .KWIL has an enormous capacity to adapt to change;adaptations in strategy,structure & systems have been the key factors to its survival & growth.

Our constant endeavor in KWIL is to look for newer opportunities in the different fields. With an effort to offer the latest integrated solutions to our customers,KWIL has always been to add more & more offerings,encompassing,the current trends in busness aspects.

Win, Win and Win...............

Mr. Ajay Kumar Srivastab

We avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the emerging organization since last year.

We are one of the leading professionals and fully equipped with latest technologies and having a team to highly qualified &experienced manpower,to deliver good quality workmanship & high quality output.Our staff is well versed with most modern Techniques to suit the project requerment &time schedule.

We have already completed a large numbers of project related to Packaged Drinking Water;Daily Newspaper,Hotel and resorts,Editing House etc.With quality and timely completion an equal importance is given to the safety of the staff and works working at sites.

We committed to provide services that totally satisfy our customer Safety,Quality,Timely executions and cost expectations on a continued basis.This shall be made possible through continuous Improvement and approach of first time right.

Mr. Selim Laskar

We have identified our prime focus area of business and therefore our growth shall always come from different emerging segments by expansion either through new units or acquisitions.We are not quite averse to go overseas for setting up our business units within our sector,if we could add value in whichever district the opportunity arises.

In order to produce world-class products we shall constantly upgrade our technology so that both our process and products confarm to world-class quality standards.

We shall benchmark ourselves to the best and we have got ISO 9001 : 2008 certification recently. We will definitely work much harder towards obtaining world-class certification quite soon.

We consider human resource are the best resource and therefore we shall adopt a very human approach to all our employees. Needless to maintain that we shall always that towards maximum return for our shareholders without overlooking interest of our bankers, Government agencies and society at large.

Mr. Prabir Halder

I would like to begin by saying how privileged I feel being able to speak in the KWIL book on activities and prosperity. Thanks to all associates of KWIL who are directly and indirectly contributing for the acceleration of the company. KWIL has become a landmark, a distinct and major contribution to promoting Bengal power and intelligence to the world.

In this context it is for me a distinct honour to be here today to participate in the official launch of the official KWIL website. There could be no more appropriate setting for the lunch and no more distinguished audience to witness it.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all well wisher for the leadership in developing and disseminating KWIL for major activities and major prosperity which clarifies the important role.

Mr. Ratan Kumar

KWIL has been active for the last 2 years and has done some remarkable work in the field of packaged drinking water, News Paper, hotel & Resort etc. I congratulate to publish a nicely designed website at right time.

Some of the standard fundamentals which we must remind ourselves and work on them are:

1. Monitor and maximise efficiency

2. Aggressive working management

3. Financial structure optimization

4. Cost reduction and increase efficiencies

5. Improve product mix

6. Work on pricing strategy

7. Judicious investments and divestments

Clearly Indian industry is strong enough and Indians are innovative enough to overcome the crisis.

I’ll end by saying “when the going dates tough, the tough gets going” And i believe India and Indian are tough and they will keep our economy not only moving rather accelerating.

Mr. Lukaman Anasari

KWIL believes in regeneration. Regeneration is more than just development. There are many different scales of regeneration ranging from isolated small-scale community schemes to large city centre programmes.

It is the process of creating value and social profit in an area of land fulfilling physical, economic, social and environmental strategic aims. It is about having a comprehensive and integrated vision to deal with urban problems and the leadership and knowhow to execute it to bring long term, sustainable benefits and improvements in the rural sectors.

We bring technical and business knowledge, independence and integrity to a project to give the client the confidence and assurance that the regeneration scheme can be delivered successfully.

Our vision success certainly depends on marketing team who not only brings business but business with proper vision.

Mr. Chandan Chowdhury

KWIL are not a dream merchant but we provide services in such a way, which people usually dreams. Within a period of one year our clients have already realized the baseline of our services.

As per current economy conditions and rapid changing global scenario systematic commercialization into expanded city scale is very much necessary. All our clients, our Directors, Advisory committee members, marketing members and at last but not the least the service providers.

Welcome friends and family members we oath on for better standard, growth, achievement and satisfaction in forthcoming future.

Mr. Sahajamal Khan

Behind everything we do we use our finely honed knowledge management capabilities toasure faster,higher quality service delivery. We are continually developing new ways to capture and deliver insights and ideas so they may be used by all our professionals for the benefits our clients.

Today, a working environment reqires intelligent thinking, continuous learning,leadership development and KWIL is developing in this sector with enormous pace. At KWIL, we maintain a “People First” culture.We are firmly committed to believe that we can only provide the outstanding services our clients expect by giving the highest attention to our people’s growth and satisfaction.

When people trust an organization’s commitment to their career’s, we believe they will stay longer,result in mutual long term success and benefits and it is for clients,for staff and everyone associated with the organization.

Mr. Lakshmi Kanta Gayen

We are very much glad to convey our sincere congratulation to you for choosing KWIL at right timing in the world of opportunity. You have taken the first step towards discovering a lifestyle which you have always dreamt off. We believe that every individual have full of power within themselves.

So everyone should properly explore themselves to make a Bench Mark Career which will give you the freedom of prosperity.

Our vision is to be the leader in the industry by providing quality services and highly, rewarding, transparent and fair business opportunity to millions of Indian through innovation and continuous improvement. KWIL sincerely fostering leadership , stressing teamwork as a value, providing continuous learning opportunities and access to knowledge, listening and responding to our people’s ideas and concern, developing and lifelong relationship with us and ensuring KWIL is an enjoyable place to work. Let’s work closely with a mission to step up on the much higher pick with honesty, dedication and burning desire for success.

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